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The following is a list of questions and answers that should satisfy any issues you might have with respect to an extended service contract.

1. How can you offer such complete auto repair service coverage at such an affordable price?

We work directly with many insurance companies. We do not offer new and used car extended service contracts or extended SUV service contract and truck service contract plans through automobile dealerships or any other 3rd party that would require adding a large commission to your contract.

High volume business and economies of scale of a large company like ours allow us to offer you lower prices.

2. What is the procedure if I need to file a claim on my new or used car extended service contract?

Getting repaired and back on the road is simple! If your vehicle breaks down or is in need of a repair, have it towed to any licensed (ASE Certified) repair facility and present your extended car service contract service agreement to the Service Department. After they diagnose the problem with the vehicle, they will call our claims administrator toll-free for authorization for your covered repairs less a deductible where applicable. You do not have to pay for your repair and wait to get reimbursed, we pay all repair facilities quickly and efficiently over the phone via our corporate credit card.

3. Where are new and used car extended service contracts honored?

You have the option of taking your vehicle to your dealership or any ASE certified repair facility nationwide. Additionally, your new and used car extended service contract plan is accepted at national repair facilities such as Pep Boys, Firestone, AAMCO, all Tune and Lube as well as many others. Taking your vehicle to the dealership without an extended service contract may cause you to pay extra out of pocket money to allow for them to over charge for labor and parts.

4. Do I have to go back to my original dealer for repairs?

It's 100% your decision! Take your vehicle to your original dealer, another dealer or an (ASE certified) national repair facility. With all of our nationwide auto repair service contract plans that we offer, your choices are endless. You can take your vehicle to the licensed repair facility that makes you most comfortable. This includes, but is not limited to, your original dealer, or any national repair facilities such as: Cottman, Pep Boys, Firestone, and Good Year.

5. What if my dealer does not accept extended auto service contracts?

Most Dealerships appreciate our business. They have no reason not to accept the new and used car extended service contract, extended SUV service contract or truck service contract policies offered by us. Our administrator pays the recommended price for parts and labor for all covered repairs. The industry standard-pricing guides used by your dealership determine the cost of the repair: the Chilton and Mitchell parts and labor guides. Plus, the administrators pay all claims directly to the repair facility of your choice when the repair order is faxed to the administrator. And then your claim quickly and efficiently over the phone via our corporate credit card.

6. How can I be assured that my new and used car extended service contract claims will be paid in the future?

All extended service contracts that we offer are insured, and the administrators maintain a future claims reserve for all policies to cover repair costs. A percentage of premiums paid by all new and used car extended service contract holders are deposited into an account that is used strictly to pay future claims.

7. Can you please explain how the deductible on the new and used car extended service contracts, as well as the extended SUV service contracts and truck service contracts work?

Choose a $100, $50 or $0 deductible, depending on the new or used car extended service contract, SUV extended service contract or truck service contract plan you select.

8. When does my extended car service contract service plan begin and expire?

Immediate Coverage:
Unlike our competition, Car Service Contract does not require a vehicle inspection on vehicles still under factory service contract. There is a typical 30-90 day and 1,000-mile waiting period depending on the policy before coverage begins. Most used vehicles are required to pass a mechanical inspection before purchasing a service contract.


Your factory coverage begins on the service contract's purchase date, not the Vehicle's "in-service" date.  Note: Pre-existing conditions are not covered by anyone's policy - regardless of where or when it is purchased.

Expiration dates vary by the new or used car extended service contract plan and coverage you select.

9. Who insures the new and used car extended service contract program?

All extended service contracts that we offer are directly insured by carriers, and authorized for sale department of insurance. We only offer the most secure direct insured policies and none of the service contract companies we represent are backed by risk retension groups (RRGs).

10. What is true bumper-to-bumper coverage?

True bumper-to-bumper coverage is always ‘exclusionary’ coverage. This means that everything on a vehicle is covered excluding certain items such as maintenance, trim items like moldings, weather-stripping, etc. However, in recent years, some service contract companies have begun using the term “bumper-to-bumper” much more liberally in an effort to apparently give consumers the impression that they are receiving more coverage than they actually are. You will be happy to know that Car Service Contract does not use the term in that fashion. Our Max or “Bumper to Bumper” plans are true exclusionary coverage and is most like your vehicle’s original bumper-to-bumper service contract.