Extended Car Warranty – Not for the Careless & Carefree

Extended Car Warranty – Not for the Careless & Carefree

Extended car warranties protect cars and pay for all your car repairs and damages to the vital components of the car. Car warranties are offered for both used as well as used cars but when it comes to the car owners extended car warranty providers are a little bit choosy and rightly so unless they want to go bankrupt paying for repairs for every and anything that a car owner/ driver does to his or her cars.

So as wise and practically feasible as it is, there are certain laws and criteria which the car warranty companies adhere to when it comes to paying for your car repairs and damage to various components of the car. And these are valid for all kinds of extended car warranty policies available from bumper to bumper to powertrain and wrap car warranties.

If you’re a rash car driver, given to road rage and careless handling of your vehicle then it’s better to change your ways or it will be very hard to extract money for repair bills from extended car warranty adminstrators out there who are not be fooled by any of the cover ups you get to make it appear natural .

Following are the scenarios where your car repairs won’t be getting paid for or even reimbursed (after a lot of pestering) –

Accidents – In an accident it shouldn’t be your fault and you may just get a benefit of doubt. However, if you have been accused of faulty driving leading to a damaged car or an accidental incidence then you can simply forget getting your car repair to be paid for by the extended car warranty providers.

Other damages through reckless driving or shoddy maintenance – It’s very important to keep your car in the best health! It shouldn’t be that you ignored trivial wear and tear here and there which finally snowballed into something irreparable and which requires expensive repairs. Keep your well serviced through out and ensure that you’re not bringing the car to the workshop at the last minute or as a last resort.

General wear and tear, replacement of accessories on the car are not covered in the extended car warranty. You may get the car repair company to stretch it to general wear and tear but tires and other electronic accessories are sure going to be NOT included in an extended car warranty contract.

Thinking about your style? Well you should before you lose out on a very good opportunity of fully/ partial car repair opportunity or even any chances of reimbursement. And hey, it’s not only for the extended auto warranty but for everyone’s safety as well – drive safely and keep your car maintained enough to be driven for years to come!

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