Choosing Among Auto Warranties

Choosing Among Auto Warranties

Auto warranties come in many shapes and sizes and it’s not at all easy to pick the best for your car. If you are on the search already then you may have come across terms such as bumper to bumper auto warranty, powertrain, comprehensive and even something known as wrap up auto warranties. Not much you think, right? Well then how come you still haven’t made that decision (because if you’re reading this then there can only be two possibilities – one that you’re still on the thinking part and two you’re not happy with your choice).

Coming back to the matter of more relevance – i.e choosing among auto warranties let’s first get to the choices you have in front of you.

1) Bumper to Bumper Auto Warranty – This is among the most preferred of auto warranties and rightly so because this offers the maximum coverage compared to all others. Bumper to bumper actually does mean everything comprising the area defined. However what it does not include is the transmission, engine and other fuel related or drive train components.

2) Powertrain Warranty – Powertrain warranty policy covers everything included in the power train of your car. This includes your fuel transmission, axles, drive shafts and more.

3) Wrap Warranty – Wrap warranty combines the above two only to give the car owner a much more inclusive car warranty. Basically auto warranties of wrap up kinds are powertrain car warranties only but they provide additional coverage to many other parts of the car. Thus it becomes a better bumper to bumper warranty that also covers powertrain of the car.

So now you know what are the options available. Now we only need to know how can we make the best use of the auto warranties offered to us and ensure better protection and security for your car.

Assuming that you’re fully aware of the way you have been using the car and intend to continue with that way there are different possibilities:

1) If you use the car often especially for long distance traveling then your drive train is something that you should be looking at. Or else if you use the car for regular or daily up down, in the city traffic then bumper to bumper is what will be the best option for you. Wrap auto warranties can suffice in any scenario.
2) After deciding on the kind of warranty, next comes the question of duration of the policy to get and pay accordingly for it. If you’re planning to keep the car with you for a longer time then go for auto warranties offering coverage up to say 10 or 12 years. However, we recommend that you get a coverage that is for shorter duration with more premium so that there’s no financial liability when you plan on changing the car or selling it off.
3) Deductibles – Compare deductibles offered in the auto warranties. It’s a great parameter and can be the deciding factor when you’re confused between auto warranties.
4) Auto warranties should also be authentic so make sure that the company you’re getting it from is registered and has a good enough reputation.

With these small yet significant things you can get yourself a car warranty that gives you full worth of your money.

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