The Latest Hyundai i45 Now Comes With Extended Warranty

Named International Car Of The Year in 2011, the latest models of Hyundai’s popular sedan, the i45, are now available with extended warranties from dealers. The warranties can run up to five years meaning that, for many, the choice of which family car offers best value for money becomes an easy one to make. With years of hassle free driving from new, the sedan has been priced to compete with much smaller vehicles over its lifetime.

The i45’s pleasant interior boasts a generous amount of space and exceptional comfort. Head room, leg room and shoulder space in both the rear and the front seats have had careful attention paid to them. Indeed, the 523 litre space in the boot gives it one of the largest storage capacities in its class.

Packed with technology that enhances the driving experience, the i45’s ergonomically designed driver’s seat has been put together to make driving easier. For instance, the audio controls and centre stack temperature controls are logically positioned on the steering wheel, so you don’t have to take your hands off the driving controls. The audio system provides full connectivity with your iPod. There is a push button start with the Elite and Premium models that fires up the engine. The Premium model also offers total comfort when driving over long distances. The Premium provides seating with electronic powered slide and recline functions, along with lumber support.

In terms of safety features, the i45 has everything that you would expect. The models in the range are equipped with an anti lock braking system. They also feature an electronic brake force distribution system which enhances safety in emergency braking situations. The system helps to stop your brakes from locking up when applied with force and distributes the amount of braking in accordance with the car’s load. Hyundai’s novel traction system monitors the amount of grip the tyres are achieving and can reduce problems such as wheel spin in slippery or icy road conditions. Another i45 safety technology worth mentioning is a clever reverse detection warning system which points out unseen hazards, like bollards, behind you.

The car’s engine was developed by Hyundai engineers over the course of almost four years, at a considerable cost. The 2.4 litre Theta-II engine offers a direct injection system so that makes it run cleanly and efficiently. The engine affords seemingly effortless performance and, combined with a six speed automatic transmission, it delivers very competitive mpg rates. The excellent fuel performance from the Hyundai i45 is backed up by an eco-indicator place on the dashboard which prompts fuel efficient driving. With a great warranty deal and low running costs, the i45 2013 edition looks set to be as popular as ever.

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